Refer a Friend

Our business has grown from referrals.

Whether being referred by a past customer or simply someone who knows of our craftsmanship, referrals account for the majority of our business.

We appreciate referrals greatly. If you know of someone who is considering remodeling, please simply enter your information and the information of your friend. That is all you need to do. We will contact your referral and if they sign a remodeling contract with us, we will thank you in the following manner:

  • $100 for projects under $50,000
  • $250 for projects over $50,000
  • $500 for projects over $100,000

The following rules apply to any referral:

  • Referred Party must be a new contact to Stone and Banister and have had no previous contact with Stone and Banister’s representatives.
  • Members of a household can not refer said household.
  • Payment of referral fees will be paid at commencement of referred project.

Thank you for participating in Stone and Banister’s Referral Program.

Use the form below to provide the contact information for yourself and Referred Party. Upon completion you will receive an email indicating your submission. Please keep this email for your records. If Referred Party has already been in contact with Stone and Banister, you will be notified.


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